A Brief History of Android

The core Android operating system was established from the Linux kernel. Google has made a lot of changes that have been customized as per the needs of the market that Android has exceeded the original foundation of the Linux kernel. Once after the development of Android Inc there are 2 version of 1.0 and 1.1 Astro Bender comes. Each version is named by its investigator. Oreo is the latest version which is developed in 21 August 2017

Android is Open Source

Android operating system is an open source technology which Google has released the code under the Apache License. Android Open Source Project allows the user to modify and allocate it spontaneously. Android also devises application developer community that further extends the functionality of the device. This is what makes Android to grow much more rapidly than its opponents. Therefore, there are about 2 million applications available for Android and around 50 million applications have been downloaded from Google Play as of today. In one survey, it was discovered that Android is the most prevalent platform for developers and it has been used by 75 % of mobile application developers.

The android system is obviously such an impressive piece of technology. From its open-source nature to the simplicity of use, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to an mobile operating system, and with tens of millions of people using it, they cannot be doing too badly for themselves there at Google.

Facts about Android

Android has been one of the most interesting topic to discuss because of rapid improvements in technology by software developers, are forcing the corporations to evolve and innovate at a fast pace. Unlike many other mobile operating systems, Android permits device makers to transform the operating system code and does not charge any licensing fees for it. Android itself is an amazing operating system which is designed and primarily planned for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Every new update for the Android operating system is a free,open-source,fully functional mobile operating system that manufacturers can use to make devices.