History of Java

Java is one of the most popular programming platforms of the IT industry. It is wildly accessible and one of the high in demand programming language. But how Java was born? What is the history behind the development of this programming platform, is not known to many. Do you know that the history of Java is quite interesting? It was designed initially for use in interactive television. But practically it was not used as it proved to be a highly advanced technology for the industry of digital cable television.

Green Team is responsible for giving a solid start to Java. Green Team is the dedicated team which was involved in giving a start to this project. It was launched to develop a typical language useful for digital devices like set-top boxes and televisions. It proved to be ideal for internet programming.  Afterward, Java technology was consolidated by Netscape. At present, you can find its application in internet programming, games, mobile devices, and e-business solutions.

Below are few things that you should know about the history of this programming language.

1) The core members of the green team were James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. They are the one who initiated the Java language project. It was started in the year 1991 in the month of June. It was a sun engineers Team.

2) This language was particularly designed for small and embedded systems used in electronic appliances.  

3) Initially it was popular as “Green talk” and was named by James Gosling. The file extension used to end with .gt.

4) In later part is became popular as Oak and was designed to be a part of the Green project.

5) Oak stands as a symbol representing strength.  It was selected as a national tree for the countries of U.S.A., Germany, France, Romania and many more.

6) In year 1995, it was renamed as “Java”.  The change was made as it was already in use as the trademark for Oak Technologies.

7) The team involved in naming this technology was looking for a name which represents the essence of technology like dynamic”, “revolutionary”, “jolt”, Silk, “DNA”. Based on the shared information by James Gosling, Java and Silk are the two most preferred names by the team.

8) Initially it was launched by Sun Microsystems and designed by James Gosling. It was released in 1995.

9) Time magazine named it as one of the top 10 products for 1995

10) JDK 1.0 was launched in 23rd Jan 1996 and the latest version named Java SE 9 was launched in 21st Sep 2017