Popular and Latest Bookmarking Sites Ruling the Industry

Social bookmarking helps in introducing sites to others who all are having similar tastes which the site represents and supports in driving traffic as well as valuable back-links to the site. There are many bookmarking sites which can play a very important role in boosting the traffic and popularity of the site. Social Bookmarking sites basically online services which offer the scope to store bookmarks right on a dedicated cloud-based server. This server can be accessed from any location. Users just need to get registered on the website for creating bookmarks which can again be ‘tagged’ under many categories.

There are 3 best and latest bookmarking sites which are topping the list of the social bookmarking:

StumbleUpon:– is a very popular discovery engine which was launched in the year 2003 in Canada. This social bookmarking site helps web surfers to generate peer networks including members having similar interest. Alexa Rank: 422

Delicious: – Earlier known as (del.icio.us), the social bookmarking site was launched in the same year as StumbleUpon. It offers the scope to create ‘stacks’ of links which are on similar topics.  Bookmarking through this site will open up scope for enhanced visibility. Alexa Rank 2392

Pinterest: – Pinterest is one of the most attractive visual discovery, which is also a sharing and collection tool launched in 2010. It members of this bookmarking site can ‘pin’ a wide variety of content which may include images, videos and can make topic-specific ‘boards’. One of the interesting facts about Pinterest is that more than 82% of its users are females. To pin, you need to create content which they may find worthy and love sharing the same. Alexa Rank: 30

There are many other bookmarking sites which are quite popular but above 3 are the chosen best.

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