What is Web 2.0 Submission

Web 2.0 is basically a term which denotes the wide range of interactive as well as collaborative aspects related to the world of internet. This term came into existence in the year 2004-2005 and popularly known as “Social Web”. In short, it’s the representation of era of developing web pages which help in facilitating communication, delivers services in addition to offering safe information in collaboration with the internet. The man who invented this term is no other than Tim O’Reilly. Web 2.0 helps in the making of blogs and wikis, besides supporting in media content upload and sharing on social network sites.

We can say that Web 2.0 submission is one of those online techniques which will help in the sharing of informative content via hubpages, Squidoo and other blog sharing sites etc.

Features of Web 2.0:

⇒ It is a free classification of information: which offers users the scope to collectively classify for finding information

Excellent user experience: User can share dynamic content which will be responsive to all user input.

User engagement: It helps in the 2-way flow of information between the site owner and users via evaluation, review, as well as with online commenting. Even the Site users also make the creation of user-generated content to help others to see

Software as a service (SaaS): Web 2.0 sites actually develop APIs which allows automated usage, with a Web “app” or a mashup

The above are some of the major features of Web 2.0.

Advantages of Web 2.0 Submission

ο It is one of the Effective and result oriented Link building method.

ο Helps in improving the ranking for keywords on search engine

ο It supports in indexing a site to Google.

ο Offers abundant free space for making the posting of content.

ο Supports sites by Giving the do follow back links.