SMO Tutorial

SMO Tutorial is designed to offer both basic as well as advanced concepts of SMO. The SMO Tutorial is crafted not only for the beginners but also for the professionals too.

This tutorial is carefully designed by experts to make the students understand how exactly SMO works. Through these tutorials, one can also learn as how to take advantage of social media platforms for promoting the business and build awareness about the company brand, achievements, products, and services.

The SMO Tutorial Covers Topics Related to SMO. The Topics Which will be Covered are:

ο What is SMO?

ο Importance of Facebook?

ο How can a user make Facebook fan page?

ο How to take advantage of twitter marketing?

ο How can a user create a twitter account?

ο How to make a post on twitter?

ο How to use twitter lingo, Google plus marketing?

ο What are the key features of Linkedin?

ο What is Pinterest, and how cam user goes for adding pins, deleting pins?

ο What is Pinterest analytics?


Before you take the decision to learn SMO, you need to have basic knowledge related to HTML and CSS. If you are not accustomed with it then learn it first and then do SMO.


The SMO Tutorial is planned, crafted and designed to help both beginners as well as professionals. If you are in the entry level of SMO such tutorials are for you. On the other hand, if you are a mid level IT professional want to make a career expansion in SMO then too you can take help of this tutorial.


In case at time of going through the tutorials you find any problem related to any chapter then do not hesitate to contact experts. If you detect any mistake, ensure you post for the problem via contact form to get timely response and support.