Types Of Social Media Optimization

India is advancing fast in the world of digitalization with new technologies, online shopping, dating online, online job and many other things. Social media agencies are acting as a lifesaver for ‘not so social people who actually find it really hard to match the wave of development. Many are not aware that Social media is of different types.

Take a look at the available types of SMO.

° Social Network: Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc are popular social networks which offer the users a platform for meeting, interacting and connecting people from different corners of the globe having similar interests and passions.

° Bookmarking Sites: This form of social media will be best understood by technical people. These sites give scope to users in saving and organizing links for infinite websites and online resources. The users will get the chance to “tag” links, and that will make it easier to search, and, share with the followers. StumbleUpon is a brilliant example of a bookmarking site

° Social News:  These sites are dedicated for social news which allows users to make the posting of news links and many other things which are in reference to articles outside. The members of these sites are asked to vote for best news and the best one gets displayed prominently on such sites. Reddit can be marked as one of the best one in this category.

° Media Sharing: There is hardly any person who is now aware of the video-sharing website YouTube. There are so many success stories which are created via this media sharing site and helped common people to go big from small. Such websites give scope to share multiple types of media like pictures, random videos etc to reach a bigger audience. Such sites offer scope to create a profile and make comments in other’s post on social media platforms like Facebook.

° Microblogging: Twitter is undoubtedly the reputed microblogging site. This type of sites gives chance to users for sharing specific links, sites and many other things, on the walls of the platform. , After this, the shared links are again posted on ‘walls’ of users who subscribed to that specific user’s account.