What is Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.  Is it a typical process or a group of activities which supports in increasing website traffic via social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Any social media site acts as an online platform which allows in building a connection to interact with people. It also supports building social networks around the globe. There are so many things and tasks or even activities one can do via social media, for example. One can take participation in discussions, sharing of views and thoughts, the creation of a page for promoting the business they own. But why is SMO so important? We are sure that such questions will come to your mind and you are in search of answers.

Importance of Social Media Optimization

♦ SMO offers the scope to take advantage of social media posts for driving targeted traffic.

♦ It supports in building a social network, for interacting with people and the customers of the business. One can get the chance to read tweets made by others and status updates to make an idea on interests, preferences as well as expectations.

♦ Ads on Social media allow business to target and retarget with the scope of customizing the social media ads.

♦ Offers the scope to make an immediate response to queries and problems raised or faced by customers for product or service. It increases your brand loyalty, i.e. brands that are active on social media have more loyal customers.

♦ Offers businesses a highly competitive edge. One can reach the potential customers first then their competitors. More than 90% of brands are using social media platform for connecting with customers and expanding the business.

♦ Supports in boosting and promoting your sales via social media marketing. As per researched data, it was found that close to 70% business-to-consumer marketers tapped potential customers via Facebook.

♦ Supports businesses in expanding their customer base, by reaching to customers you even are not known to them.

The above points clearly justify the fact as for why SMO is considered so important for a business growth and promotion.